Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homemade Rolls

Being snowed in this weekend forced me to be resourceful for meals. Last night I made vegetable soup, using the last of the homemade chicken stock and any vegetables I had around. I didn't have any sourdough or crescent rolls, but I remembered buying a pack of three envelopes of yeast for my daughter's biology experiment last week. I always have plenty of flour on hand, so I decided to make dinner rolls.

I'm not much of a bread maker - I used to have a bread machine and used it to death before it broke. Since then I've tried to make bread now and again, with no luck. I even bought myself a Kitchenaid to make bread making easier, only to discover from bread experts that I really need a Bosch and a Nutrimill to grind my own wheat. Oh well.

I simply followed the recipe on the back of the yeast packets and made this quick rising dough.

They turned out pretty good - not as fluffy as I would like. The yeast was fine, the dough rose well, so that's not the problem. They took longer to cook than the recipe called for. Not sure what that means. Everyone liked them.

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